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The area of ​​Condominium Services are managed by Giuliana Campregher who joined a real estate development and investment company specialized in logistics in 2004. During her carrier she gained depth knowledge of administration and maintenance managing contracts with technical/commercial budget responsibility. She mainly deals with the management of condominium logistics parks.

Giuliana graduated from the Institute of Science in Trento – Italy and awarded:

  • English First Certificate at the British School in Milan - Italy (1981)
  • Certificate for Internal Audit according to UNI EN ISO 9002/94 issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance in Milan - Italy (2000)
  • Certificate for "The transition to Vision 2000" and Internal Audit according to the new standard issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance in Milan - Italy (2001)
  • Certificate for Training of Condominium and Real Estate according to Italian law DM 140/2014 organized by Anaci of Pavia (February - June 2015)

Giuliana deals with building management according to Italian legislation that consists of:

  • 1117-1139 of the Civil Code ("mainly office building")
  • 61-72 and art. 155-bis for the implementation of Civil Code
  • Law on Jan. 9, 1989, n. 13 (architectural barrier removal in private buildings)
  • Law 9 January 1991, n. 10 (energy saving)
  • Law 11 December 2012, n. 220 (building reform)
  • Article 1, Decree Law December 23, 2013, n. 145 (Piano Destination Italy)
  • Table Charges Accessories (distribution costs between landlord and tenant) agreed between Confedilizia and Sunia-Sicet-Uniat and recorded on April 30th, 2014.

The Condominium is a building in which housing units owned exclusively and common parts obey to Art. 1117 of Italian law.
The Condominium Administrator operates according to the requirements provided by Article 1129 and the duties provided by Article 1130 of the Civil Code.

Being a "good administrator" means working together with landlords and tenants sharing management decisions and targeting benefits in the long term. This is also our goal!



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